AudiLab Software


Flow diagram of software

All of these applications are (or could be) available as executable binaries for x86 and amd64 under GNU/Linux and for MS Windows.
Name Description Input Output
Fie Image editing & model creation tr3 + (tiff, raw, jpg) tr3
Tr3 3-D surface mesh generator tr3 vrml, sap, tr4
Fad View, modify & combine Sap models sap, (res) sap, (vrml)
Mum Modelling using moiré data mum, xyz, img, fud*, sap mum, fud, sap
Fud 2½-D mesh generator (used with Mum) fud sap

Sap Finite-element analysis sap res

Fod Analyse & display SAP output res vrml; tiff, ps, etc.
Luk Look at Sap output matrices res

Relic RLC circuit simulation relic
HandJ Hooke-and-Jeeves function minimization
Tr2 2½-D mesh generator (usually used via Fud) tr2 sap
Bwm Bandwidth minimization (usually used via Fud) sap sap
Tr4 3-D volume mesh generator (usually use Gmsh instead) tr3 sap

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