Fud is a programme for generating 2-D and 2½-D finite-element meshes. (Where the name came from: after writing a programme called Fiddle for fiddling with meshes, I called its successor Fad as in ‘fiddle faddle’; when I wrote this programme I then chose Fud as in ‘fuddle duddle’, inspired by the late lamented Pierre Trudeau, then Prime Minister of Canada.)

Fud is implemented in Fortran. It was originally developed under VMS, and later under Unix for Alpha, and is currently being developed under Debian GNU/Linux for Alpha and Intel, and under (alas) Microsoft Windows. The binaries for MS Windows are available for downloading below; the binaries for GNU/Linux can be made available.

Fud can be used for any purpose as long as I am informed of its use.

The closest thing to documentation is a general description of the methods.

Installation under MS Windows 95/98/NT

Either download the Fud executable for 32-bit Windows (about 1.5 Mbytes) or (if your computer is part of the McGill BME network) create a shortcut to the executable on probeShare. Follow the general instructions for installation of Dip software.

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