VRML models – How to view

If you are using a computer that already has a VRML viewer installed, just click on the link to a .wrl model file. If necessary, give permission for the ActiveX control to run. See below for brief instructions on using the Cortona viewer (for MS Windows).

There are many free VRML viewers that can easily be installed on your computer as Web-browser plug-ins or helper applications. Which one is best for you will depend on your computer and on your preferences.

Our Thrup’ny viewer is designed for use with these models and provides the feature of being able to delete and undelete parts of a model. It is currently available for Linux and Windows.

Using Cortona

Cortona controls

On the left side of the Cortona window are seven icons: the top three represent different navigation modes, and the bottom four represent different types of motion within those modes. For viewing anatomical models you will normally want to be in the study navigation mode, usually in turn mode.

To move the model, position the mouse over the background so the cursor is an arrow. Click and drag the mouse to turn the model left , right , up and down . The speed with which the model moves is determined by how far you drag the mouse.

If your mouse is positioned over part of the anatomical model, the cursor changes to a hand with an anchor and a label is displayed.

You can also zoom in and out, change the speed of interaction and do many other things. For more detailed information, right-click in the Cortona window and select Help ▶ User's Guide.

R. Funnell
Last modified: 2011-05-08 10:56:00