Test page for davis3d and Thrwp’ny

Skull, right side

Maxillary sinus, closed

Maxillary sinus, opened

Infratemporal fossa

Infratemporal fossa w/ pterygoid mm.


Internal carotid


Hypoglossal muscles

Circle of Willis

Cerebral cortex

Middle ear

Middle & inner ear



Lesser sac (green)

Bile system

Thoracic vertebrae

Liver 1

Liver 2

Pelvis – ligaments

Pelvis – muscles

Pelvis – arteries

Urogenital (male)

Inguinal canal


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The models here are unfinished; some are very preliminary and/or have not been checked by an anatomist. The software may be buggy.

This page is based on ThreeJS, WebGL, jQuery and JavaScript.

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