AudiLab Software

Reference-management software

This is a suite of programmes for maintaining and searching bibliographic databases.
refc Create a new database
refa Add references to database
refe Edit/Extract (search by author or number)
refv Invert (required before using REFS; run using REFBAT)
refs Search (by author, title, keywords, etc.)
@refbat Convert/Invert database (runs a batch job)

Broad subject codes

These are the two-character subject codes used with Ref in AudiLab.


A    General
AE       External ear only (KW=pinna,canal)
AM       Middle ear general
AD         Drum
AO         Ossicles (KW=malleus,incus,stapes)
AT         Muscles (KW=tensor tympani,veli,palati, stapedius)
AC         Cavities
AI       Inner ear mechanical, organ of Corti
AG       Spike generation, transduction, nerve fibres within organ of Corti
A8       Eighth nerve
AN     Neural, central
AR     Middle-ear-muscle reflex (incl. entire loop)
AA     Audiometry !M--!M techniques, clinical aspects
AZ     Impedance audiometry, tympanometry - applications, clinical aspects
AX     Prostheses (incl. mechanoelectrical), electrical stimulation
AU     Ultrasound & microwaves - biological effects (not high-frequency
	 hearing in rodents)
AP     Pediatric, perinatal
AL   Lizards, all reptiles, amphibia
AB   Birds
Ai   Insects


VA   Analysis methods, computational (except VF,VC,VO)
VB   Biological materials
VC   Composite materials
VD   Damping
VE   Experimental (except VF,VC,VO)
VF   Fluids
VM   Matrix methods
VN   Nonlinear
VO   Optical methods
VP   Preprocessing, node numbering, data preparation, etc.
	 (not mesh generation GM)
VS   Software - finite-element packages
VT   Thorax potentials, ECG 


CH      Hardware
CL      Languages
CP      Programming methods, documentation (excl. g.p. editors)
CF      Formal (symbolic) algebra
CR      Real-time systems, methods
CS      Statistics
CQ      Quick or cute algorithms
CU      User interface (incl. text editors)
CB      Bibliographic data bases
CE      Education (CAI)
CI      Information retrieval
CM      Medical and life-science (incl. telemedicine, evaluation of care,
	  computer-aided diagnosis, monitoring, imaging, general
          technology, etc., but not straight instrumentation)
CW      Workforce scheduling
CX      Expert systems


G    General & miscellaneous
GC   Colour theory
GD   Display hardware
GF   Fonts
GH   Hidden line & surface removal
GI   Image processing
GM   Mesh generation
GS   Serial sections


SP   Point processes
SO   Orthogonal transforms
SF     Fourier transforms
ST   Time domain
SQ   Quick algorithms
SM   Music (incl. non-signal-processing aspects)
SS   Speech


PR   Respiration (should be RN?)
PF   Follow-up
PM   Monitoring, measurements
PT   Transport
PI   Information systems (=CI applied to P)
PA   Auditory


RN   Neonatal
RS   Sleep
RM   Measurement, detection


HF   Fibrillation (atrial) - mechanism, models
HE   ECG analysis - short-period diagnosis; programmes & medical aspects
HC   Control (incl. respiratory interactions)
HR   Rhythm, rate, arrhythmias (cardiological aspects)
HS   Signal-analysis methods
HA       Arrhythmia, diagnosis - methods
HH       Holter monitoring - methods, instrumentation
HC       Compression
HP       Point-process analysis
HQ       QRS detection, classification


BE   Education (incl. texts)
BS   Safety


M    Miscellaneous
MB   Braille, aids for the blind
ML   Language, linguistics

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