AudiLab Software

Miscellaneous applications

Use of grey text indicates an application that is moribund.
bapr Back-projection demo     amd64_linux
calendar Generate calendars   grf
delet Generate bar charts of grades for Dean's letters   ps
dirti Convert directory listing to index.html file   html
diver Digital-image viewing, erasing and renaming jpg win32
dud Disk-usage display (non-graphical) jpg
ferret TCP/IP test (gets Québec weather reports)    
firn File renaming, with addition of leading zeros, replacement of blanks, etc. win32
fling Animation player for Autodesk .FLI files fli  
fret Frequency-time display of amplitude data    
fsc File scanning: text search & replace    
grf Interactive graphics editor grf grf, ps, tiff, etc.
mavis Material-property visualization (animated curves)    
oct Convert octal/decimal/hexadecimal    
weasel Web application for making slide shows from sets of images, or by splitting up a single HTML file    
wperf Analyse WordPerfect 5.1 files, with optional data merging and conversion to HTML    

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