Available code for nonlinear finite-element analysis

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Stuff from 2001/2002

Based on reviewing the section on Freeware with source code in Young & MacPhedran's Internet Finite Element Resources and the SAL list of software for discrete methods and related tools, looking for code for nonlinear structural analysis. This list may not include all such software from the lists, but includes ones that seemed worth pursuing. Some links have been updated but the information is old.

NIKE3D is available, as are DYNA3D, the mesh generator INGRID and the postprocessor GRIZ. I made a first enquiry 2001 Oct 27 and a detailed request Nov 3. My request was approved Dec 21, and I received order forms Dec 26. The following table summarizes the costs, version dates, supported platforms and languages (source is included for all four):
NIKE3D US$2260 1991 Feb Sun, IBM & SGI Fortran & C
DYNA3D US$2260 2000 May Sun & IBM Fortran
INGRID US$1229 1992 Sep Sun Fortran
GRIZ US$1695 1996 Apr Sun, IBM & SGI C

Some software is available through Open Channel Software (including some old NASA software). Finite-element programmes that might be interesting include:

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