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Cast3M is developed by Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA) in France.

The target domains are structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermal problems and magnetism. The primary target is 2-D and 3-D non-linear mechanics, including plasticity, buckling, creep, seismic analysis, thermoplasticity, post-buckling and fracture mechanics. A ‘wide range of materials’ is available - ‘from steel to concrete’.

Users give commands in an object-oriented language, GIBIANE (‘object’ in the everyday sense, not the computer-science sense) with more than 500 elementary operators acting on simple or complex objects.

Cast3M is freely available for research and teaching use. New versions are released yearly, and it appears to be under active development (as of 2005 summer). It is available for Microsoft Windows and various flavours of *n*x, including 64-bit versions.

Use with Fad

Our Fad finite-element preprocessor can export models in Cast3M format. Currently the export works only for thin-shell (Sap type 6) elements, not for solid elements or boundary elements.


Extensive documentation, in French and also (for most) in English, is available on the Cast3M Web site.

The following are links to local copies (restricted access) of original documentation as of 2002 Jan (when I first experimented with Cast3M):

Cast3M was originally named ‘Castem’. It was renamed in 2000 or 2001 in reference to the new third millenium.

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