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CalculiX is developed primarily by Guido Dhondt and Klaus Wittig, employees of MTU Munich. It runs under *n*x and Microsoft Windows, and is distributed under the GNU GPL licence. It uses the Abaqus file format and does linear and non-linear calculations. It consists of ccx, the solver, and cgx, the pre- and post-processor.

Use with Fad

Our Fad finite-element preprocessor can export models in Abaqus format. Currently the export works for Sap 8-node brick elements (type 5), thin-shell elements (type 6) and tetrahedral elements (type 13, as implemented by us).


… one cannot master a theory without having gone through the agony of implementing it …
– Dhondt (2004, p. xiii)

Extensive documentation is available on the CalculiX Web site. The theory underlying CalculiX is described in Dhondt (2004).

The following are links to local copies (restricted access) of original documentation as of 2010 Jan:

There is also a CalculiX group.

CandyStore is a GPL-licensed pre- and post-processor especially intended for CalculiX. As of 2020 Mar 7, the last update was on 2013 Apr 23.

Peter A. Gustafson's CalculiX Extras provides CUDA-based solvers and also export to ExodusII format (convenient for use with ParaView and VisIt).

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